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July 12, 2011



Well thank goodness you had this fashionable goat whisperer on board!

and have enjoyed getting to know her and her creativity from your link.

but really...what a the middle of the desert, are they trained for the tourists, they are groomed so beautifully, posed like a fashion spread. Magical Moroccan Mystery


Oh, My Heaventy Sakes! Oh, my ears and whiskers!

Do you LOVE these? Oh, there's Nan! I see Checks! When did Tourmaline learn to climb? I've been looking all over for Maddash!!!

(So, THAT's where sneaky Kneefree went...)

I would JUMP for joy if I saw these babies, but I bet they would JUMP sooner and get there before me.

This makes me happy.


Ohhhh...what an amazing sight! Funny, isn't it, how seeing goats in trees would be a normal, every day sort of thing for those living in the part of Morocco but for most of us living here in the U.S., it's almost something out of a fairytale or a childrens book illustration.


PS: The seashell henna painting on the ghost whisperer's hands and arms is so beautiful! I've never seen seashells painted with henna like that.


I'm is Goat Love.
I HEART your goat pics, SPF.
That one goat is so adorable, it brings tears to my eyes and you know what that means don't you? It's time to pull out my trusty little pointy pin and do what a girls gotta do!



Amazing! I love it! Goats in trees would be definitely a delight to see. And a goat whisperer to coax that little one to come for some hugging, so special. Now I am curious why the goats were in the tree. Maybe they were put there to prune the tree? Just wondering.

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