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October 31, 2011



Happy Halloween to you Somepinkflowers!!!
Will you have trick er treaters tonight?
WIll you be home or elsewheres?
Did you see your great nephew today?
Guess what?
THis morning I dreamed I had a BEAUTIFUL pristine white horse, smaller than normal. Part of the dream was I went to the store and bought miniature yellow and read apples and the same color cherries.
Will need to make a photoshop of this dream. I finally got my horse, though not Plastique!!

Boo to You!!


So THAT's what that rap, Rap, RAPPing was, at my chamber door --
Persistent, they were -
kept asking for someone named Lenore...
'Lenore's not here,' I said,
'never lived here!'
'Nevermore?' they inquired, repeatedly.
They've been at it incessantly, for hours now...
Though I'm sorry I ever answered their inquiries to begin with - I'd do it nevermore, for sure.
Never the less, I'm glad - at least, I never answered the door...
Happy Halloween, SPF!


HA!! do they?! I had them all over my house last week!

I better wear my special mask.

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