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January 31, 2012





You have told the story so eloquently from this woman's perspective and then everyones else's.

Oh dear! My mom and I spoke on this subject this morning. We have a practically blind friend who still insists on driving in our town. Her son is totally blind, so she doesn't have anyone to give her a re

ality check. I am VERY cautious driving around here!!!

I think I will surrender the keys!! I do take driving very seriously!! It's a wonder we all get around as well as we do, don't you think SPF??

Great post!



Oh my, yes. That is the thing, isn't it. To know when it's time to hang up the keys. It must be such a milestone to lose that freedom, but the time does come. If i don't have the wisdom, I hope my kids have the courage.

linda@Lime in the coconut

Oh Amen. We witness it so often in Sunwarmed Florida. Amen.

I LOVE how you write. Don't ever stop. Keep me happy.

no pressure.


I have been
in the passenger seat
riding down
the wrong way
in a few feet of snow
nearly sideswiped a bus
sitting quietly
in the backseat
on the way to the airport
but for the GRACE
all the angels...

who do eat dark chocolate
while directing cosmic traffic
from "up there"
of this
I am fairly

xox - eb.


wait wait

this was not YOUR mother...was it

a frightening story from the local news?

the poor poor dear and so VERY lucky that those angels were watching out.

my dear grandmother had an 'incident'..her words

similar, and yes...grant us ALL the foresight to hang up our keys.


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