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January 24, 2012


A Cartwright

Hello somepinkflowers...
Just wanted you to know you won Pasticcio Quartz 12 on my blog...

Write your address in my comment box on my blog (I wont publish it) and I'll send out your prize asap. Thanks for playing!


I don't know if I would be drawn here, but maybe I would. It is sad that they are disappearing though. Tasha Tudor, do you know who she was?, use to keep birds in her freezer to bring out and sketch for her children's illustrations. The other day I stopped by my favorite little shop and she had a dead baby duck she was using as a model for a wool needle felted baby duck. No dead birds in my house, but many live ones out the window, including a beautiful hawk the other day.


Well it looks like you had a bird's eye view!
Sorry couldn't help myself.


That's the best tour of a Natural Science Museum I ever been on so thank you SPF!
I'm still giggling over you pondering this one;"On my way to draw the owls, dear!

YOU are a funny girl! Your appreciation of diversity always is appearent and not just of the bird family, however that is one spectacular painting you shared!!

Can I tell you about a funny Natural Science Museum memory?
Stuffed live animals had always kind of freak me until something ironic happened at the NSM in Dallas. For some reason they kept hiring me to cater parties (and I wanted the business). The entrance had to come into (with my food) was where all the rejected animals were congregated which didn't make the cut into the museum. I guess that kind of got me through the worst of my fears. It makes me smile to remember.

Off to ponder painting the owl you sent me one time~



oh spf!
I love this
visiting the birds
with you
we too
have an Audubon Center
under a green mountain
with trails to walk
I once took a class there
(color therapeutics - Aura-Soma)
it was January
I arrived at 9 am
it was 21 degrees
below zero
had a crispy sound
the birds watched us
from within
their glass houses...
the other day
where the stripeys live
we found an expired goose
in the ice
a lone goose
water to beach
as I took pictures
a long necklace of bones
wings still feathered
we wondered
if they had been mates...
look at the smile
on that kookaburra
the dodo
may have a bit of gas
could not resist...
I have a collection
of turkey feathers
just like those
lovingly gathered
by the woodwhisperer...

oh somepink
I want to live
in your back pocket...

loved this quiet stroll
with you,

xox - eb.


I used to work at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. Everyday I used to walk by a display of birds one of whom was the extinct Passenger Pigeon. I would never have had a chance to see one had it not been for that display.
By the by, working on windows at Harrods sounds exciting...should we both apply. xoxo

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